Ezee is a collection of cleaning and detergent products with anti-bacterial properties to be tough on the germs yet easy on the pockets. The Ezee collection includes dishwashing paste, dishwashing gels, scouring powder, toilet cleaners, bleach, and all-purpose washing liquids to provide complete care for all household cleaning needs. With a variety of product sizes to select from, there is something suitable for every budget.

Discover our range of products that ensure the best quality in removing grease and stains, while killing 99% germs for a cleaner and healthier household. Our unique formula allows maximum value with the minimal product for spotless cleaning of bathrooms, kitchenware, and household surfaces. In addition, Ezee products are tough on grease and stains, yet extremely soft and gentle to the skin, all with a pleasant fragrance.

Ezee Product  Range

Ezee Scouring Powder

  • Lemon
    500g & 1Kg

Ezee Dishwashing Paste

  • Sparkling Lemon
    250g, 500g & 800g

Ezee Dishwashing Gel

  • Sparkling Lemon & Lime

All Purpose Washing Up Liquid

  • Lemon Splash
    1L , 5L & 20L

Ezee Bleach Regular

  • Regular Bleach
    1L, 2L & 5L

Ezee Toilet Cleaner

  • Lemon Power

Ezee Bleach Colors

  • Bleach  Colors
    500ml, 2L & 5L

Ezee Polishes

  • Multi surface cleaner & Wood Polish
  • 300ml

Ezee Alkaline Degreaser

5L & 20L

Ezee Ceramic Stain Remover

5L & 20L