Our Core Values


We’re the company you can always depend on! For over 20 years in business, we have managed to build lasting relationships with our suppliers and distributors worldwide. This is to ensure that only the best quality of products gets to every household across the nation while yet maintain price-competitiveness. Being truthful and reliable is always the
core of our operations. This can be proven by our success in providing a leading portfolio of products in-home care, personal care, air care, OTC pharmaceuticals, and household industries. Similarly, through transparent communication within our network, it allows us to effectively match our customer’s needs and leverage our reliable service, trustworthy relations, and uncompromising quality to set us apart in the market.


The quality of our products speaks for itself. We have always been focused on providing premium value to our consumers through quality products in the FMCG, Household, and OTC Pharmaceutical space. Vivek Investments has always actively engaged in R&D to bring the most premium and innovative products to the East African market.  As we consistently 
focus on quality, we ensure our products get to as many households through innovative solutions at affordable prices that always result in a high level of customer satisfaction. Driven by the passion for superior quality products, we don’t settle for anything less than excellence in every group in the company.


Changing the way people live, one product at a time! Each individual at Vivek Investments is driven by the passion to create different and distinct products that truly add value to our consumer’s lives. Right from idea creation, strategy, manufacturing to packaging innovative thinking is a prime performance factor that helps us maintain a competitive advantage.
Furthermore, by investing in the latest technology and machinery, aids in securing innovative growth and productivity to skillfully serve the existing market as well as expand into new ones. This facilitates brand growth, establish new partnerships and relationships, improve profitability, but most importantly, supply unique products to our growing loyal customer base.


Our professional excellence is fostered by a strong commitment to continuing growth. This is demonstrated in the quality of how we continuously strive to exceed expectations, not only to produce greater efficiencies in our daily operations but also to greater participation with our community. Each member of staff is trained to recognize the value of 
professionalism in daily endeavors to produce the most optimal outcomes in their respective jobs. Through identifiable traits such as integrity, reliability, commitment, dependability, and respect, our team is able to create recognizable products and remarkable services. Thus, through our qualified, skilled, and committed workforce, Vivek Investments has been able to break barriers and emerge successful in the East African markets.


Commitment, accountability, and drive are just a few of the many qualities that run deeply within our team at Vivek Investments. Our employees are continually building strong-knit relationships within the organization and within our corporate network to nurture trust and loyalty for successful outcomes. As a result, our high employee motivation allows
for unparalleled support, cooperation, and respect to achieve common goals within the companies. Moreover, as a growing organization, our attention is drawn towards individuals with diverse skills and talents so that collectively we can achieve the best outcomes for the company as well as the consumer. Therefore, it is such collaboration and unselfish commitment that has led us to pioneer in our respective industries and provide quality products loved by the nation.


Being honest, transparent, and ethical is inherent in the foundation at Vivek Investments Ltd. By being integral and truthful in our operations, we have been able to develop transparent communication with all our stakeholders. A lot of the positive relations and feedback with the organization are a result of the open trust and respect. Therefore, honesty has
always been a key component in the way Vivek Investment operates as it sets the tone for collaborative work culture, provides consistency in workplace behavior and builds loyalty and trust in customers and prospects. Furthermore, we believe success should not be limited to only developing connections with our clients but also giving back to the local communities to enhance livelihoods and protect the environment.