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Mr. Chintan Thacker

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Chintan Thacker is the current CEO of Vivek Investments Ltd. He completed his education in International Business Administration from United States International University, Kenya, along with completing his qualification in Gemology at the Gemological Institute of America. Mr. Thacker is able to leverage the years of experience he has in the fields of manufacturing, import, export, market development, strategic planning, production planning, financial planning, and diamond trading to expand the group’s activity into what it is today. This allowed Vivek Investments to pioneer into creating memorable brands and household names for Vivek Investments to be recognized countrywide and globally.

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Mr. Bharat Thacker


Mr. Bharat Thacker is the Founder and Chairman at Vivek Investments Ltd. He completed his education in India as an International Textile Engineer, after which he owned and managed a Textile Manufacturing Company in India before moving to Kenya to set up an Imports and Distribution Company, Vivek Investments Limited. His passion and enthusiasm to continually bring elevated offerings to the Kenyan market have led to the formation of three companies including, Vivek Group (FMCG Sector), Marvel Lifestyle (Home Décor), and Rose Jewellery. In addition to being a dynamic businessman, he is a valued member of the society with active participation in environment and community initiatives.