Glass Bottles

Vivek Investments ltd is a prime importer and distributor of consumer glass bottles. Our range extends from Water bottles, Juice & Soft Drink bottles. Wine bottles, Pharma bottles to Food jars to cover a wide range of consumer segment. As brands are aligning their offerings in line with environmental consciousness, the demand for glass products has soared. As a result, we offer an extensive variation in terms of size, capacity and color to meet every changing requirement.

The sizing varies from 45ml-200ml for Pharma bottles, 100ml-1400ml for Food jars, 250ml-100ml for Juice & Soft Drink bottles, 250ml-1000ml for Water bottles and 750ml-1400ml for Wine bottles. In addition, the different colors available are clear, flint, amber, and green for an attractive finish to your final product.

Product Range

Pharma Bottles

45ml to 200ml

Food Jars

100ml to 1400ml

Wine Bottles

750ml to 1400ml

Water Bottles

250ml to 1000ml

 Soft Drink Bottles

100ml to 1400ml


250ml to 1400ml