Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

VIVEK Group is driven to make lives better within the company and across the country. We recognize that business enterprises are economic organs of society and draw on societal resources to excel. Hence, it is our company’s mission to measure performance through the Triple Bottom Line contributions to enhance societal sustainability. The Triple Bottom Line aids in capturing how our operations impact the sustainability of economic, environmental, and social factors.

Likewise, we believe that enterprises go beyond mere financial resources but have the transformational capabilities and capacity to create game-changing development models by unleashing their power of entrepreneurial vitality, innovation, and creativity. In line with this belief, Vivek Investments Ltd. Continues to craft impactful models to generate livelihoods and environmental capital. It is our moral duty to be socially responsible and help the less able aspects of society to flourish.

In addition, we actively engage in projects that focus on elevating livelihoods, environmental protection practices, and encouraging communities to grow. A few of our regular initiatives include; donating food & beverages to the Old People’s Home annually, contributing to the Lolipop Trust that rehabilitates homeless children, and working with the Children’s Village Trust in Naivasha to build houses that accommodate 10 children and a house mother.

Our Commitment

Community Impact

We are focused on making an impact in the communities we serve from our employee community to those towns our brands reach.

Environmental Sustainability

Our business approach entails creating a positive impact on the ecological, social, and economic environment for today and tomorrow.

Diversity & Inclusion

We focus on every employee to feel valued and included, where every talent is used and every voice is heard.

Corporate Responsibility

We make superior quality products that strive to make a difference, along with an unwavering commitment to do the right thing.