LAV Products

LAV is the optimum solution for all your glassware needs! We cater to a vast range of glassware, kitchenware, and food storage choices that fit beautifully into every home setting. Premium quality, remarkable designs, and value pricing are what sets LAV apart in the market. As we pioneer in continuously innovating to improve our product offerings, it has allowed LAV to become a household name and an evergreen brand throughout the years.

Purchasing a LAV product means investing for the joyful moments at home. In addition to attractive designs to choose from, LAV products shine for the uncompromised quality and class that immediately enhance every table décor! From nature-inspired colours to bright and bold designs, LAV has a product suitable for every individual taste.

A New Glass, Always A New Sensation!

LAV  Product Range

Beer Glass

Whisky Glass

Wine Glass

Wine Decanter



Coffee Cup

Tea Mug

Storage Jar

Food Bowl