Our Purpose & Values.

Recognizing that business enterprises are economic organs of society and draw on societal resources, it is Vivek's belief that a company's performance must be measured by its Triple Bottom Line contribution to building economic, social and environmental capital towards enhancing societal sustainability.

Vivek believes that in the strategic context of business, enterprises possess, beyond mere financial resources, the transformational capacity to create game-changing development models by unleashing their power of entrepreneurial vitality, innovation and creativity.

In line with this belief, Vivek will continue crafting unique models to generate livelihoods and environmental capital. Such Corporate Social Responsibility ("CSR") projects are far more replicable, scalable and sustainable, with a significant multiplier impact on sustainable livelihood creation and environmental replenishment.

Here below are a few CSR undertakings

  • We at Vivek Investments Ltd, donate food and beverages to the Old People’s home once a year.
  • We have also made contributions in kind to THE LOLIPOP TRUST- another initiative to rehabilitate street children and their homes.
  • Vivek Investments Ltd is an is an active sponsor and partner both financially and in kind for the Children’s Village Trust (Naivasha) – an initiative started by Nakumatt Holdings Ltd that has been taken up to build 12 houses, each house is able to accommodate 10 children and a house Mother.