Castor Oil

This product can be consumed. It is for both internal and external use.


  • It is used for easing constipation
  • It helps to reduce painful sunburns
  • Treats Fungal Infections-
  • Promotes Hair Growth-Massaging just any part of the body with castor oil does not result in extra hair growth, but applying it to the scalp does
  • Deeply Moisturizes Skin-Castor oil can be used to moisturize dry skin. Being highly viscous, the oil stays put, and penetrates deep into the skin tissue and nourishes it with fatty acids.
  • Spot Treatment for Skin Problems-Use castor oil to treat acne, warts, and skin tags that seem to appear for no reason. While warts result from a viral infection, skin tags usually develop in areas where the skin gets rubbed constantly.
  • Castor Oil as a Lubricant-Castor oil is safe to be used on kitchen appliances that need lubrication. Use it on kitchen scissors and hand-cranked meat grinders.
Size 500ml, 800ml